Movember- a new twist on No Shave November

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So you know that ritualistic thing men do every winter….well, every November? The thing us girls tend to dread? The “No-Shave-November” deal…..WELL, this year, I entirely expected my fiance to participate and was thoroughly ok with that. Yesterday he asked me about doing Movember. Now, if you are like me you’re probably thinking….”…movember? what is that? I’ve heard of No Shave November, but Movember? huh??” That was pretty much my thought process at first. He went on to explain that it is a new twist on No Shave November, where instead of just growing this massive mountain man-ish coarse layer on your face, you grow a mustache, (you can have hair on the rest of your face, but your mustache may not touch the rest of it. you need a clear mustache), build teams, and raise money towards men’s health. Apparently it’s this new fad going around. I personally am not fond of the mustache….they tend to look like “molest-aches” and just all around pretty creepy. However, I am all for the fun and spirits of the traditional No Shave November, that I can get behind Movember, especially because it has a good cause behind it. I value my man and his health, and if this raises money towards keeping him with me longer, then YES! :)

Now, apparently the men participating in this Movember movement are called Mo Bros, and the women who are supportive of their men are Mo Sistas…. So, I’m now a Mo Sista, who is engaged to a Mo Bro! haha Anyway, I think its a fun and creative idea that puts a new twist on this manly month. My fiance started a team called Team Rick James, and is attempting to get our guy friends to join him. SO, if you (guys) or your men, want to join, PLEASE do! Click HERE to join!

So, last night we embarked on this journey to grow his mustache. I happily played photographer as I documented the removal of his facial hair and took an initial photo of his clean shaven face. As the month progresses, I will continue to play photographer and share how its going. Here are some images of his adventure last night.




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