My Secret Addiction


Screen Capture


So there’s this secret addiction I have that somehow seems to be able to suck time away from me! I will tell myself, “ok, I’m only going to look for a few seconds”…….and 2 1/2 hours later I’m still browsing…… now, this secret addiction isn’t something that is horrendous or embarrassing. In fact, this addiction is fun, creative, and inspiring. The secret addiction is: drum roll please, PINTEREST!!! yes, you read that right! Pinterest.

Now, what exactly IS Pinterest, you might ask. Well, Pinterest is an online pin board. Basically, if you have ever heard of an inspiration board, or sort of like a virtual bulletin board. You can “pin” things from any website, or download the mobile app and “pin” from your phone. This site is incredible and entirely addicting. I am constantly getting new ideas, learning new recipes or cleaning tips, trying new DIY projects, and getting inspiration for events. Speaking of events… I have big news! I will be planning a special event, alongside the love of my life….as we are officially ENGAGED! :) We do not have a date set yet, but we are both excited and looking forward to spending our lives together. I am sure as we start planning this year, that he will be great help with the details as he is just as creative as I.

Back to business, Pinterest: you request an invite, or get invited by a friend, and its free! If you are an artist, stay-at-home-mom, event planner, fashionista, cook or just looking for something to fill your time and inspire you, I encourage you to check it out!

Here is a link to my pinterest: Melissa Diane


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